Enabling accessibility to quality learning resources for English Second-Language learners.

Why Education?


For many South African students, the ability to learn is impeded by language barriers which makes it increasingly more difficult to fully grasp technical vocabulary in the language of instruction. This has a disastrous knock-on effect in society:

decreased levels of self-confidence in our students which prevent reaching academic potential

higher dropout rates in High Schools

reduced opportunity for tertiary education or entering the workforce 


By integrating with FastMaths, our sister project, Aweza provides language support in the form of on-demand bilingual concept explanations and terminology quizzes to assist in the mastery of academic language required to understand and work through the knowledge in a certain domain. 

From 2016 until the end of 2018, we have been actively piloting our solution. Click here to find out more.

AwezaEd in FastMaths

Content Augmentation

  • A pop-up augments the content with a multilingual dictionary – giving the students supporting information right where they need it – allowing users to seek bilingual clarification of academic concepts throughout the learning journey.
  • Text To Speech synthesis, provided by the CSIR, allows learners to hear the definitions in their mother tongue as well. 

Click here to find out more about our sister project, FastMaths!


Academic Language Mastery Quiz’s

  • Every FastMaths course contains a terminology mastery module which focuses on ensuring understanding around key language contained in the topic covered by the module.
  • Before starting a course, learners have the opportunity to brush up and revise on their knowledge of academic vocabulary.


Proving Efficacy with Aweza & the FastMaths Intervention Program

With the support of the Michael and Susan Dell Foundation, Aweza was tasked with proving the efficacy of our solution in combination with FastMaths.

For the last 2 years, our team has been tirelessly working with schools and NGO’s to design and rollout free personalized Aweza & FastMaths workshops to over 5000 learners.

Interested in getting involved with our pilot?

We are always on the lookout to expand our network of willing pilot sights and piloting individuals! Send us your email address and we will be in contact with you.