Striving to bridge language barriers in communication between healthcare practioners and patients in South African Clinics.

Why Healthcare?


Communication barriers are an everyday occurrence in South Africa. In the context of healthcare, where it is common that the healthcare provider and patient often do not share a common language, this results in serious issues such as:

a poorer patient experience


increased stress levels for the patient

misunderstanding of post-consultation selfcare instructions

The AwezMed Application

Currently in the pilot stages, AwezaMed is a voice-enabled lingual communication app which helps health-care practitioners and patients understand each other better. AwezaMed incorporates the following components:


A  database 1800+ questions, reasurances, explanations, patient responses & key vocabulary curated through a vigorous refinement process with the oversight of a team of medical professionals.

Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR)

 Recognition and transcription of speech in any of the 11 offiial South African languages into text

Machine Translation (MT)

Taking the input text in the source language and translating it into the target language.


taking the translated text and synthesising it in the target language

Potential Impact

By developing a solution for the public health sector that bridges the communication barrier.
Potential benefits for such a solution are:

improved trust between the health care provider and patient

more accurate diagnoses and improved patient experience

effective reassurance for stressed-out patients

lives can be saved

The Pilot

We will pilot the application in 2 sites per language (English-Afrikaans, English-isiZulu and EnglishisiXhosa). The pilots will commence once approval from the clinic/hospital or private consulting rooms has been received.

The pilot will run for a fixed period (to be determined) and will entail the identified HCP using the application to communicate with a patient.

The outcome of the pilot will be used as a basis for improvements to the application and possible roll out to further sites.

Interested in getting involved with our pilot?

We are always on the lookout to expand our network of willing pilot sights and piloting individuals! Send us your email address and we will be in contact with you.